University Elections and Voting Rights

We would like to provide information on your voting rights as a doctoral student at Leuphana.

As a doctoral student you can participate in the university elections as a student in academic and student bodies. As a doctoral student (without an occupation on a regular basis at the university) you can run for office in all academic and student bodies. In particular, you can run for being a member in the student council for doctoral students. For more information on academic and student bodies at Leuphana, see website of AStA.

IMPORTANT: Every doctoral student who is registered as a student in the (half-structured) doctoral program (including the ones that are working at the university on a regular basis) are eligible to run and vote for student bodies (student parliament, student council, semester ticket). We ask you to use these rights and make use of your vote!

Doctoral students can run and vote for academic bodies of Senat and Fakultätsrat depending on their status at the university.  If you are employed at the university on a regular basis (and are thus considered a full employee of the university, also when you are working part-time) you can run and vote for the Senat and Fakultätsrat as an employee. If you are a doctoral student without regular employment at the university (e.g. Leuphana scholarship), you are eligible to run and vote for the Senat and Fakultätsrat as a student. Make use of your rights and gain experience in university self-administration!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns via e This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

More information (in German) can be found in this pdf-document.

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