Health insurance for PhD students

We just published some German information regarding health insurance for PhD students in Germany. You can access the information by clicking on the German flag on top of this page.

Here is a short summary:

Basically, we state that academic staff working at the university and needing to pay social security fees on the one hand is automatically covered by the pubilc health insurance. Therefore, this case is the easier one. On the other hand, we inform you that as a PhD student funded by a scholarship you are not subject to obligatory insurance. Therefore, you can choose between a public health insurance or a private health insurance. We unraveled the legal background in the German version, which is quite complicated and based on serveral laws, judgements and a circular letter of the public health insurance companies. We end up saying that you can choose between either one of the insurance models but it might be a problem to change back to the other model later on.

The costs for a public health insurance are subject to what you earn. For some insurance companies your scholarship is treated as earnings (so one pays approximately 230 EUR per month with a 1,300 EUR scholarship), for some it isn't (so you pay about 140 EUR per month). We strongly recommend to compare several offers!

The costs for a private insurance are subject to your state of health. Young males usually pay less (~100 EUR per month) than young females (~250 EUR per month).

If you do have some urgent questions on health insurance regulations for PhD students in Germany you can contact Daniel via email at daniel(at)

***Please note that this information only applies to students with German citizenship and might differ for those with foreign citizenship. For information regarding health insurance as an international student, please visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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