A warm welcome!

Dear doctoral students and candidates, dear visitors of our website:

Since the student elections in the winter semester of 2010/11 there exists a student council for doctoral students (SCDS or in German “Fachgruppenvertretung (FGV) Promotion”). Based on the “articles of the student body of the University of Lueneburg”, the student council for doctoral students represents the interests of doctoral students of all faculties towards the university administration and leadership. We are glad that you are interested in our work.

As part of the student body of the Leuphana University Lueneburg, we dedicate our work to the following topics:

Contact: We are at your disposal if you have questions or need information about possibilities, novelties and changes of the doctoral program at Leuphana. Doctoral students can and should approach us with questions and complaints regarding the doctoral program. We will collect feedback and discuss your concerns and questions with the Graduate School or at the concerning faculty. Please make use of this possibility so that we can pool your concerns and forward them to the appropriate institution.

Networking: On a regular basis, we offer different formats for informal contact and networking among (future, current or former) doctoral students of Leuphana University, e.g. PhD Lunch or "Promovierenden-Stammtisch".

Events: We organize workshops, seminars talks etc. with speakers from inside and outside Leuphana University about topics that are relevant to doctoral students.  Examples for such topics are acquisition of third party funds or stays abroad during or after the PhD. Ideas for events from doctoral students are very welcome!

Securement of teaching: We campaign for a teaching in the doctoral program that is high in quality, appropriate in quantity, and feasible to study. We aim to accomplish this by maintaining regular and vivid communication and information exchange with the graduate school at Leuphana. We would like to get your feedback on the guidelines for gaining a doctoral degree („Promotionsordnungen“) and their feasibility.  We aim to fulfill this role as a contact for every faculty.

Academic bodies: Our goal is to inform doctoral students about the possibility to be a student representative in academic bodies (FKR, Senat, Studierendenparlamen). However, more important than having a seat in one of the bodies  the information is the flow of information, which can be achieved without being an official representative because meetings of most academic bodies are open to all university members. With this in mind, we would like to call attention to the passive and active voting right for doctoral students and to emphasize the importance of taking responsibility in university politics.

In order to keep informed about everything relevant for you as (future) doctoral student of Leuphana University, sign up for our newsletter on mystudy.

You can always contact us personally by email here.

Best wishes and have fun surfing on our website,
your SCDS

Eva, Laura, Philipp, Simon, Steff, Vanessa

FGV Newsletter

To work as functional representatives of your interests, it is very importat for us to be able to concatc you!

Therefore we set up a newsletter in myStudy which we use to provide information and announce relevant events for PhD students at Leuphana. Please subscribe to our newsletter to allow us to contact you (see below to learn how you can subscribe)! 


Subscribe to the normal newsletters as follows:

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Choose News (1) --> abonnieren (2) in myStudy.

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